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We empower the women, youth, men & unemployed
​(also including the handicapped) to earn their livelihood.

India's situation of employment / jobs available to our about 132 Crore people

​According to announcements dated 29.09.2016 etc. by PTI (Press Trust of India), and the fifth annual employment-unemployment survey at all-India level:

"About 77 per cent of the households in India, were reported to be having no regular wage/salaried person.”

Moreover around 2.5 million people graduate in India every year.

World situation of jobs

The World Economic Forum 2016 at Davos earlier this year warned that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and that it may eliminate millions of jobs over the next five to 10 years.

A Bank of America-Merrill Lynch report too had earlier predicted that 47% of jobs in the US will be taken over by technology.

Is your career safe?

Our Solutions

Our services are technology based: We use surveys, interviews, observations, to conduct a comprehensive online-services audit. We regularly identify latest technologies, training, and implementation processes, to take all the stake holders to the next level of their business communications and security. Jobs will be outsourced to us by our regular and new clients in India and abroad. Once we have executive buy-in, we outsource that job to our members. We monitor ‘Key Performance Indicators’ of each job negotiated, on daily basis; and ensure timely quality services.

Our target market: Companies and professionals all over the world (English speaking) needing Content Writing & Designing, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), Data Analysis, Data Entry, Events Designing & Management etc. 

Existing / Potential: 35% annual growth is expected. India is English speaking country & work-force is cheaper as compared to the developed countries. Therefore many businesses & professionals in English speaking foreign countries get their back-office work done in India.

Skills development: We shall help women, youth and men, (including also unemployed and handicapped) in rural and urban areas, all over India, to develop the necessary skills in them; through vocational centers and with distance education facilities (through latest online technologies); so that they can work from their home to earn their livelihood. We shall distribute these jobs online to our members, on contract basis. After our member is experienced enough, s/he shall also be provided jobs online, while s/he visits different places.

Loan facilities: We shall also assist our members to get adequate loan facilities from banks, to equip them for these jobs.