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Institute to Work from Home

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‘Institute to Work From Home’ will develop the necessary skills in women, youth & men (including unemployed & handicapped), in rural and urban areas all over India; through distance education facilities and vocational centers; so that the students can learn and work from their home and earn their livelihood:

More than 50% of India's current population (of 1.32 billion) is below the age of 25 years. About 65% are below the age of 35 years. About 72.2% of the population lives in some 638,000 villages and the rest 27.8% in about 5,480 towns and urban agglomerations.

According to a recent survey, about 77% of households in India do not have a member with regular source of income. About 2.5 million youth graduate every year in India. Unemployment & underemployment are the main problems of large percentage of the people. There are millions of people throughout India, who suffer desperately from poverty, lack of education and general lack of opportunities. They are in enormous need of a helping hand, to put them on their feet and to regularly help them to earn for themselves. They are also willing to learn new skills, to sustain their lives.

Sometimes, many of these people adopt immoral and wrong ways (like thefts, terrorism etc), which are very harmful to the society. Timely skill development in these people is the best solution. The institute will ensure that they also get a chance to live with dignity, and that their children also look forward to a better future.

The industry leaders will be hired, to impart the necessary training & skills to our students.



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